I’m a patient guy.

    [He reasons with her. And himself. His brow literally furrowing as he said this, as though he were attempting to convince himself of this fact. His fingertips slide around the delicate curves of his class, his attention soon turning to the sensation of the cool condensation running down his digits. He stares at the glimmering dampness as it flickers beneath the bar lights, not long before his buzz pushes him to create conversation amid threatening silence.]

                   So, Maria.    Do you-. Do you have someone?     Do you…

                                               Whadyu do other than work.


     [Maria stifles the ensuing laughter, as subtle as it may be, with the rim of her glass. She’s mid-swig when the kid carries on, spits out a question that surprises her, nearly causes her to CHOKE on the rice wine. Recovery is swift and efficient, so natural that he might not have noticed, given his current level of intoxication. It also doesn’t help that her gaze had been drifting across the room, working it’s way casually toward the back of a certain scientist’s head. It snaps back to Harry, briefly guilty before she veils it under several layers of faux-confusion.]

           I’m not sure what you’re asking. Have—? I’m ALWAYS working.

[The Director drains the glass, signals for another, smirks at him while she waits.]

                                   You’re getting awfully personal for my first glass. 


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