You’re just making me wanna see it more.

      [Harry complains with a slight slur rounding out his vowels, a hefty headstart on Hill finally revealing itself in the slow turn he takes into something a little beyond ‘buzzed’. Comfortable, nonetheless; as shown when he takes another eager draw from his short glass.]

             Mmn.   [He sounds from within it, speaking when he withdraws.]

                     Okay my state has nothing to do with it. you… It or you…      Drink the drink. Enjoy.

          Aw, that’s too bad

    [She tips the glass toward her mouth and takes a swift swallow. A hissing breath parts her lips– sake’s not her favorite, but it’ll do. Brows spike, Maria tilts her head. There’s a part of her that’s eager to see where this goes, what comes of Harry Osborn getting comfortable, so long as it doesn’t end with her fireman-carrying him back to his hotel room at the end of the night.]

                    Sure, Osborn. You’re so far ahead I might not catch up in time. 

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