Darcy shrugs, understanding the sentiment though not exactly sharing it.

        “I guess it depends when and where you catch them. Here? At stuff like this? They kinda suck, yeah. But… Tony and Harry are two of my favorite people. Like, ever.”

            She looks over at the other woman and shakes her head, mumbling under her breath to herself as her gaze drops to her shoes.

          “Not that that matters to you at all, way to sound like a fangirl, Darcy…”

     Her voice is louder and more direct when she speaks again.

          “Normal will be nice. I think I miss almost being run over by taxis.”

Fair enough. Stark and Osborn actually LIKE Darcy, as far as she can tell. And while Maria might have a working relationship with Harry, she’d never be so presumptuous to assume that he holds any sort of FAVOR for her. Maria exists in a world where people like Tony Stark live to make her life difficult, and while Harry hasn’t exactly broached that yet– the Director is waiting for the inevitable. 

She hears it, presses her lips together. Something encourages her to comment on what Darcy’s said, even if she doesn’t need to hear it.

         “Once they know you personally, I think you fall out of the fangirl category, for what it’s worth.”

A one-shouldered shrug ( because it’s all she can afford, injury or not ). Maria agrees, for the most part. Normal will be nice, but the trip hasn’t been all THAT bad.

         “Hopefully when this dick-measuring contest is out of their systems they’ll start working toward joint ventures that’ll benefit everyone with much less pushback. It’d make both of our lives easier.”


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