Permission Slip | Jemma & Maria


“Director Hill! Director Hill! I must speak with you!”

Jemma tries to make her way as delicately through the crowd of people as she gracefully as she can, but between juggling the bag she’s carrying and her heels, it’s all she can do to throw a hurried, “So sorry” at the owners of the toes she’s trampling on. 


Frantically waving a hand in the air (and knocking over some poor man’s drink in the process), she keeps calling, attempting to get the other woman’s attention. 

“Director Hill!” 

She’d heard her the first time.

And the second, even if there hadn’t been any indication on her end that such a thing had happened. Director Hill is preoccupied at the moment, taken in to a conversation rather against her will with some stammering scientist that seems to be unsure if he’s afraid of her or if he’s trying to IMPRESS her. Either way, she’s not amused, and when the agent draws near enough, she gives him a dip of her chin and politely excuses herself from the conversation.

“Agent Simmons.” Excitable thing. Maria’s not sure if she should be nervous ( at least she knows the woman won’t be requesting a monkey ). A slight gesture for Jemma to follow as she moves– she wants to get away from her ex-conversation partner. “How can I help you?”


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