Fitz wanted to respond something but Jemma clearly told him not to. So he fought with the little voice inside and keep quiet. “Yes. That is what I meant” he said with what looked like a robot voice. He quickly stop looking at Hill to stare at Jemma who was doing a great job at fixing the damages he had done a few minutes ago.


It’s not that he had a problem with authority….well, okay, maybe he had a problem with this but he felt like Maria Hill was not treating well. Especially Jemma. That’s why he raised a finger to interrupt the conversation between the two women.

“Sorry to interrupt but, I do have something to add.” he glared at Maria “Agent Simmons here requested new equipment for the lab months ago and she never had an answer. It’s strange considering the amount of time spent looking at your mails. Ah, but maybe because the name wasn’t Richards or Banner or Stark, right ?”

He took a sip of the bottle of water in front of him

“Who wants to get off the plane, now ?”

Jemma had almost thought that things would be okay…that Fitz would behave himself, if not for his own career than for hers. 

She had just begun a synopsis of a land reclamation tool that could easily be altered to cause massive earthquakes and decimate entire populations when he interrupted her.

Maria’s threat had already struck a nerve, bringing back memories of her “heroic” “jump” from the Bus. But it was Fitz’s anger that had turned her frustration to fear and panic in a flash.   

“Leo, please.”

Jemma said weakly, voice shaking. She hated showing weakness in front of a woman as strong as Director Hill, but there was nothing Jemma could do about it now.

“Stop this.”

It’s amazing, actually, the tenacity with which he’s coming at her. Anywhere else, Maria might appreciate it. Here– it just makes her want to bare her teeth and rip out his throat. And then send him home as soon as they land. Goodbye, good luck. She conveys all of this with a smile, close-lipped and icy cold, the flash in her eyes reflective of DANGER, not mirth. 

“Several months ago we were in the midst of an ALIEN INVASION. If you haven’t noticed, S.H.I.E.L.D. is under heavy construction. I’m sure Agent Simmons understands why she hasn’t received her new lab equipment just yet.” 

A huff, something of a laugh but not quite- the ghost any humor she has regarding this discussion slipping out between the part in her lips. The Director leans forward. 

“Don’t underestimate me, Agent Fitz. I’m not an enemy you want to make. We have about thirteen more hours left in this flight. Are you going to play nice, or are you going to be making a pitstop somewhere over the midwest? I’d listen to Agent Simmons if I were you.”


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