Chaos struckan early evening press conference on the steps of City Hall, where SenatorBrigand, along with the mayor, was expected to discuss what measures New YorkCity will be taking in order to contain the alien threat and ensure civiliansafety. However, before the Senator could address the public, a single shotfrom an unidentified sniper laid waste to chief of staff, John G. Matheson (notto be confused with a former Midwest cult leader of the same name). In ashocking turn of events, what would have marked a horrific tragedy on U.S. soil provedilluminating as the politician was revealed to be a Skrull. 

     It is unknownat this time whether or not the attack was sanctioned and carried out by a specialmilitary operation or vigilante efforts, or whether the sniper had knowledge ofMatheson’s true identity. Senator Brigand, a presidential hopeful, has yet to provide the Daily Bugle with a comment in regards to the evenings events, but an unnamed source from within the campaign has shared that Matheson had taken an unusual three day absence from work without notification. Efforts are being made to locate the true chief of staff,but his whereabouts and fate remain unknown.


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