I feel like that Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #002 pretty much sums up the entire characterisation of Maria Hill. This is why I fucking love this woman so damn much. She believes in protecting, she believes in fighting for what’s right. She’s a soldier who will take orders and make the tough decisions because it’s the right thing to do.

She’s stubborn, but she’s not blind and she’s open to change and open to taken a different path when it turns out that what she is doing might not be the right thing after all. So when she does, she does it completely and she gives it all. 

This is reminding me of the arc in New Avengers where she does everything to try to not involve the Avengers. She doesn’t want to call in any superheroes to deal with the unknown force they’re facing, but when she does, she stands with her decision and she stands with them. To the point of refusing to throw them to the wolves and bombing their asses when the US president orders her to (lol like the Director of SHIELD should listen to a national leader). She stands with the plan she and the Avengers came up with and that’s that.

Anyway, I feel like this moment is reflected in this story line. I was a bit worried here about seeing her cast as perhaps just main evil, but then this whole thing happened and yes, that’s my Maria. I’m so glad to see her alive in this crazy event.


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